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Dr. Valerie

About Dr Valerie

Valerie holds a Doctor of Psychology degree and has studied and worked in a number of industries from health to law. Her academic qualifications are in both psychology and business. She has had involvement in counselling, training, multicultural affairs and business management. Valerie's work experience includes local and overseas work in Perth and South-East Asia. This has equipped her for providing a variety of psychological services.

In terms of counselling, Valerie has a focus on anxiety, depression and trauma. She can assist people in transitioning through life stages, dealing with conflict (in particular adolescent and family issues), work related stress (including responding to critical incidents and post-traumatic stress) and general life skills. Valerie has a focus on short term therapy that will promote change in a systematic way. Once the agreed change has been achieved, she will conclude the work with her client, allowing for consideration of the strategies necessary to maintain and extend the changes they have made.

As well as providing one-on-one counselling, Valerie can provide psychological assessments, including assessments for learning difficulties in children, and job recruitment assessments. Valerie has provided assessments for Court and if you require this please talk to her about your case.

Valerie is able to provide group training with a particular focus that is specific to organization or community needs. Training is culturally sensitive and practical. Valerie's aim in training is for participants to be able to use tools immediately. Training can be provided in a number of areas, which include conflict resolution, communication skills, and coaching skills for leaders and managers.

Valerie endeavours to provide a high quality service at all times. She will discuss the needs of the client with them, and does not have a "one size fits all" approach to her work. If you have any questions regarding her work, please do not hesitate to contact her.

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